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Councillor Blair Lancaster


Community Engagement;

Blair is committed to finding ways to engage our citizens at an earlier stage in decision-making and she wants to ensure our ward six residents’ voices are heard throughout our strategic planning process and on an ongoing basis. Over the next few months she will be establishing streams of communication and will look forward to hearing from you.

Value for our tax dollars;

We have tremendous services in our city and residents have indicated that they want assurances that the city is not wasting money. They want real value and they want us to spend money as if it was our own. Blair is committed to looking for efficiencies as well as gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Promote Best Practice in the City;

The application of more in depth best practice models will help to improve the quality of service that residents receive by providing measurable Key Success Indicators. Key success indicators will provide measurable goals in the beginning of planning which then establishes a path for accountability and transparency in reporting. Best Practice will help us in determining the value of services received in relation to dollars spent.

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